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Life Inspired Academy is an arm of Stance Consulting Ltd. that train, coach and mentor individuals on Personal Effectiveness, Business & Life Skills.

We train, coach and mentor individuals and teams on Life Skills, Business Skills and Career Development. Our courses can be attended online or onsite. Join thousands of people who use our materials to enhance self-awareness, increase personal productivity and make their businesses more profitable. 




Bite Size Life Skills: Short bursts of life lessons designed to help accelerate your progress personally and professionally.


Affordable Courses on Personal Effectiveness, Business Skills and Career Development that you can attend at your convenient time.

* Leading Self: Personal Mastery in Times   of Change, Stress &   Pressure
* Personal Effectiveness Coaching    Programme    (PECP)
* EXCELTM Personal Effectiveness   Webinar
* 360 Degrees Intelligence    Webinar
* Business Leadership Master Class    Webinar  (BLMC)
* Talent2Skills2ProfitsTM    (T2S2P)


Attend our courses on Career, Life and Business Skills at our training centers and enjoy the benefits of live, face-to-face delivery and experiential learning.  You also have the opportunity to connect with, and network with other professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.

* Personal Effectiveness Coaching Programme
* 360 Degrees Intelligence Seminar
* Business Leadership Master Class Training
* Executive Career Coaching &  Pre-Retirement Planning

Leading Self: Self-Mastery in times of Change, Stress and Pressure

Course Overview

  • 1

  • Why do some people adapt in times of change & uncertainty while some others give up?
  • 2

  • Why do some people lose things without losing their self-identity?
  • 3

  • Why are some individuals self-driven and need little push to bring the best out of themselves?

The answer is effective self-leadership. Individuals who have the mindset and skillsets of self-leadership are able to navigate their way through life regardless of the challenges they encounter. They have exceptional adaptability skills. If your work or life situations require that you formally lead other people, remember that you have to be able to lead yourself first.  People who lead themselves effectively identify priorities, understand themselves well enough, and are disciplined enough to do what is necessary for them to succeed.  

This programme will equip you with the skills to adapt in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex & Ambiguous) world, where rapid and unpredictable change has become the norm. The highly interactive experience starts with an overview of the mindset and skillset of a self-leader. The course then teaches participants how to challenge assumed constraints, set effective goals, activate their points of power, and turn challenges into opportunities.

At the end of this course, you will be able to;

+ Identify and navigate inflection points;

+ Enumerate strategies to lead oneself in a VUCA world;

+ Create goals, systems and habits to succeed;

+ Identify techniques to shift from stressed and detached, to     inspired and     engaged; and

+ Create a new template for self-improvement. 

Who should attend this programme?

+ Leaders who want to get better at leading

+ Medical Directors, School & other Business Owners

+ Sales & Marketing Executives

+ Self-Employed Individuals (who do not work under        supervision)

+ Employees who want to improve their adaptability skills

+ Anyone who wants to get more out of life 

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Life Inspired Academy is an arm of Stance Consulting Limited that is dedicated to training individuals on enterprise and entrepreneurship education.

We offer learning opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and lead to skills that enhance productivity and profitability.


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