Strategic Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Development

This is an intensive and shortened programme package for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. There are four phases that have been carefully put together to assist entrepreneurs in developing the necessary skills for each stage of their enterprise life cycle.

There is a high failure rate of small businesses and this is not just as a result of lack of financial capital but also because many business owners do not get adequate education on enterprise and entrepreneurship.
Knowing should precede doing.

Through this education we aim to produce enterprising individuals who can identify opportunities, create organisations to address them and pull human and financial resources together to pursue the opportunities, while confidently bearing the risks.

Navigating the complex world of business does not come naturally to anyone, skills must be learnt before enterprises can be built and successfully sustained. The skills needed by entrepreneurs shift as they progress through the various phases of the business life cycle.

At Life Inspired Academy, we train and mentor with deep insights and strong focus on valid concepts that are applicable within the Nigerian context.

You are welcome to a world where your perspectives will shift, and your possibilities will be expanded!

Program Stages

Stage 1. SEED Foundation Programme Know who you are before you decide what to do!

Just before you resign from your job or invest hard earned money to set up a business, take time out to go through this programme that prepares you for entrepreneurial work. There is a lot more to running a business than having financial capital.

Entrepreneurial Soft Skills for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Support Duration

Discovery: These are sessions on self-diagnosis that will help you align your line of business with your make-up ) Identifying your capitals and potentials, Measuring your affinity for entrepreneurial work.

We help you conceptualise your business and ensure that you invest your capital in the right opportunities for you.

  • Personal Assessments
  • Business Ideas/Opportunities Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Leadership & Effectiveneness
  • 4 Weeks (Weekdays and Weekend classes available)

    Stage 2. SEED 1.0

    Gain Momentum!

    Once you are set with a clear mandate for your business, we will provide you the tools and tips to get your business on the path to success.

    Startup Skills Development for Micro Business Owners Technical Support Duration

    Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? If your business is going to weather the storm, you definitely need some support at this point.

    This fundamental programme is designed to euip you with the can do spirit that you need to take off! Right now, you need to turn your potential energy into kinetic and gain momentum!

  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Buisiness Models & Strategy
  • 4 Weeks(Weekdays and Weekend classes available)

    Stage 3. SEED 2.0

    Maximise your potentials, Grow Your Business!

    This programme will expose you to sound teachings that can help you maximise your resources. As your business requirements grow, you may be looking to external financing for support.

    However, you need to know which sources to for financing and most importantly, be creative and learn not to throw money at every problem.

    Establishment Skills Development for Small Business Owners Support Duration

    Financial Intelligence, Street Intelligence, Strategic IQ

  • Marketing Plans
  • Buisiness Models & Strategy
  • 6 Weeks (Weekdays and Weekend classes available)

    Stage 4. SEED 3.0

    Gain Insights! Nothing fails like success

    Exposure to knowledge and the right intelligence needed to keep your business thriving. Gain insights into strategies that can help you excel and sustain your businesses' profitability.

    Growth Sustainablity Skills for Medium Business Owners Technical Support Duration

    Managing the growth challenge, Keys to sustaining growth, Strategic IQ, People Strategy Fit, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management Solutions, Customers & Staff Engagement Strategies

  • Technology Optimisation
  • Expansion Strategies
  • Buisiness Modelling
  • 7 weeks (Weekdays and Weekend classes available)

    Private Executive Sessions (available)

    LIA Business Startup Toolkit*

    Kickstart your business and hit the ground running!

    Explore this toolkit. It is designed to take a lot of stress off you while helping you to minimise cost considerably as you start out owning a business.

    Toolkit Components Technical Support Duration
  • SEED Foundation Classes
  • Business Incorporation/Name Registration/Trademarks & Copyrights
  • Basic Functional Website + 100pcs Business Cards
  • Business Plan
  • Office Plan (For Correspondence and Meetings)
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Access to trained Staff /Marketers/ Potential Clients and Investors
  • Opportunities Identification & Evaluation
  • Conceptualisation
  • Business/Marketing Plans
  • Buisiness Models/Strategy
  • N/A

    Group Learning and Private Coaching Available


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