In an information overloaded world, how can you learn selectively and actionably?

We offer learning opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and lead to skills that enhance productivity and profitability.

Structured Education in Enterprise

Life Inspired Academy is an arm of Stance Consulting Limited that is dedicated to training individuals on enterprise and entrepreneurship education.

Enterprise capability is the ability to be innovative, to be creative, to take risks and to manage them, to have a can-do attitude and the drive to make ideas happen.

It combines creativity, ideas development and problem solving with expression, communication and practical action.

Enterprise education aims to produce individuals with the mindset and skills to come up with original ideas in response to identified needs and shortfalls, and the ability to act on them.

Enterprise skills include taking the initiative, intuitive decision making, making things happen, networking, identifying opportunities, creative problem solving, innovating, strategic thinking, and personal effectiveness.

Enterprise education extends beyond knowledge acquisition to a wide range of emotional, intellectual, social, and practical skills.

Entrepreneurship education focuses on the development and application of an enterprising mindset and skills in the specific contexts of setting up a new venture, developing and growing an existing business, or designing an entrepreneurial organisation.