TEX: Training For Executives

Gaining Business knowledge outside of the confines of a traditional business school.

TEX is a breakthrough invention that has helped thousands of business owners to acquire essential skills without going through the rigorous and extensive classes of an MBA.
These training sessions are specifically designed to suit the busy schedule of executives who do not want to attend time consuming trainings but still need business development knowledge to grow the businesses of their dream.

Not too much, not too little.

In the business world, there is so much to learn! However, the smart question to ask is, how much information is relevant to your business and at what stage do you need such information.
Let’s face it, you really cannot learn all there is to learn!

We help you cut through the clutter to get the exact business knowledge you need per time.

What will you get from TEX?

Actionable ideas and concepts excerpted from main business school curricula.

All classes are delivered by practising business and management consultants who possess extensive multi-sector and global knowledge and experience.
You will gain new perspectives on relevant topics, and leave prepared with practical tools to maximise your growth potentials.

We guarantee you will be greatly equipped and excited to lead and create change in your life and business with renewed passion and drive.

LIFE INSPIRED ACADEMY(an arm of Stance Consulting Limited.)
Your best choice for personal, career and business growth.






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